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Posted on 29/08/2022 in Travel and Tourism

Climate Catastrophe affects 33M Pakistanis

Climate Catastrophe affects 33M Pakistanis

Climate Change minister Sherry Rehman voiced that the devastating floods impacting Pakistan right now are is a "climate-induced humanitarian disaster". A gutwrenching 1000 people have been killed, 33 million have been affected, 2 million acres of crops impacted and over 700 thousand livestock lost and the numbers keep growing. This is a direct result of climate change: "Typically, countries that contribute the least to the problem of warming such as Pakistan are the ones that pay the biggest price in terms of weather disasters.” says Simon Bradshaw of the Climate Council of Australia. 

Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said on Sunday night that floods brought on by weeks of extreme monsoonal rainfall and melting glaciers would worsen Pakistan’s already dire economic situation and that financial aid was needed. “I haven’t seen destruction of this scale, I find it very difficult to put into words ... it is overwhelming,” he said. Many crops that provided much of the population’s livelihoods had been wiped out, he added.

Resources: Karachi Relief Trust (Balochistan and Sindh) and HANDS (Balochistan, Sindh & Punjab)

Source: Pakistan floods: plea for help amid fears monsoon could put a third of country underwater

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